The Harry Fischel Foundation (later renamed The Harry and Jane Fischel Foundation) was established on January 4, 1932 by Mr. Harry Fischel. Mr. Harry Fischel made numerous sacrifices throughout his life to intensify and revive Orthodox Judaism in the world, and particularly in the United States and Israel. He was blessed with four daughters but no sons to carry his name to the next generation. The creation of the Fischel Foundation would ultimately perpetuate the name of Harry Fischel as a philanthropist in the same field of activities in which he spent the major part of his life.
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The images displayed above are a few examples of the buildings that Harry Fischel erected, purchased and/or donated in the early 20th century.
From left to right: The Fischel Building, Southeast Broadway and 37th St., NY; The Fischel Annex to the Uptown Talmud Torah, 140 East 111th St., NY; Meretz Talmud Torah, Meretz, Russia; Grand Theater, New York's first modern Yiddish theater, at Grand and Chrystie Streets, NY; The Astor Library, home of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of America, at Lafayette St. near Astor Place, NY.